Monday, August 28, 2006


Make an "Informed Decision"

Thanks to former Springfield-Greene County Library District board member Teresa Bledsoe for letting me know about this great online resource. Called "The Informed Decision," this website offers online resources related to the hottest topics of discussion in Springfield and Greene County.

Current topics with links to resources on each topic include: eminent domain, red light cameras, prohibition of pit bull dogs and minors in bars.

Is an online resource like "The Informed Decision" useful?

Simarily, many of the public issue forum discussion guides are available online. These guides provide unbiased pro and con information on various issues. My experience with hosting forums has found that few people actually read the guides. However, if they would it would enhance deliberation and help groups better understand issues and the common ground that exists.

The same might be said about "The Informed Decision" website. Great resources and a great tool, but will anyone bother to read it?
Thanks for this resource. This is good.

How can I conduct an issue forum? Or, maybe I shoud ask this first, are any forums planned in our area and how can I find out about them?
This looks the same as an online library to me. Good resources, but isn't dialogue what we are aiming for?
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