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Republic resident publishes book of school prayers

Article in Republic Monitor Newspaper, Republic, Mo.
7-31-13 * By Katie Barton

When students and teachers return to the classroom this August, there will be a few prayers said for them—or at least read for them.

Republic resident David Burton’s new 57-page book, “Prayers for my Public School” is a collection of 195 written prayers focused on public education.

The idea for the book began about two years ago when Burton attended a global leadership summit at Remington’s in Springfield.

"I just heard speaker after speaker talking about how God can take kind of small actions, small things and turn it into big things for a big impact,” Burton said. “And that was also the same year Republic was in the news quite a bit for things that you'd rather not be in the news for."

At the summit, Burton was inspired to begin sharing the prayers he said with his two children each morning before school.

So, he created a Facebook page, “Pray for the Republic School District,” and each morning he would post a short prayer after his morning Bible study time.

Initially, the Facebook page was just followed by Burton’s friends and family members. He said that as things happened along the way, the page began picking up more followers.

In March 2013 when a car crash killed one Republic High School student and seriously injured another, the number of likes and shares on the Facebook page grew. Burton said some of the prayers posted reached about 15,000 people.

“So I thought, OK, well maybe this is serving a purpose ... maybe people are getting something out of this,” Burton said.

About a year ago, Burton’s wife began encouraging him to begin collecting the prayers he was posting. Burton said when he began collecting the prayers, he began developing the idea for a book that could reach people who aren’t on Facebook.

Many of the prayers published in “Prayers for my Public Schools” have been posted to the Facebook page, but Burton said there are a few exceptions.

With 195 prayers, there are enough prayers to cover the entire school year and a few extras for the week before school begins and Christmas break.

Burton said he doesn’t see the book as a money-making venture, but rather a way to get individuals praying for the overall health of schools in a supportive way.

“The prayers in there are not magical sayings or anything like that,” Burton said. “I've always wanted the focus to be on God and what he can do through prayer. Whether that be just me, or whether it be 600 people on Facebook or another 100 with a book at their nightstand. God's really the hero in all this, he's the one that can make things happen—not me." 

And as for the Facebook page, Burton said fans will continue to see prayers posted every morning.

“I don’t have any plans to stop the Facebook page, Burton said. “I’m going to continue doing that.”

"Prayers for my Public School" is available on

Friday, July 26, 2013


Book is not about promoting prayer in schools ...

Just a reminder, this is the description for my latest book on Amazon entitled, "Prayers for my Public School." Seems to be some confusion regarding what the book is about.

Here is the official description"

This books does not promote prayer in public schools. Rather this book is intended to be a guide that promotes prayer for our public schools. The longest portion of this book contains daily prayers that can be used by anyone who is committed to praying for their public school. The prayers place an emphasis on the powerful practice of praying scripture. The text also includes areas that allow the reader to write in their own prayers. After all, prayer should be intensely personal. It is a person's chance to talk with God. This book will be the most powerful when readers become engaged in prayer on a daily basis. Being fully engaged involves listening to what God speaks to your heart during prayer times. Writing out prayers provides an opportunity to express what God is speaking to you in your own words.

Our public schools nationwide provide plenty of examples to fuel our worry. We see the headlines of school shootings, teachers who violate students, negative peer pressure, drugs and other influences in the school, and it worries us. This is especially the case when we kiss our children goodbye and send them in to a public school without us by their side. I ask God each day to be with our children and to guide their decision making, to protect their classmates, give their teachers the strength and wisdom needed to teach, and to guide the administration of our public school.

Will you make a daily commitment to pray for our public schools? I am fully convinced that God hears our prayers and that this book can help establish a habit of praying for your local public school. Better yet, purchase a copy of the book and share it with your child's teacher or principal and let them know you are praying for them this year.

Prayer book receives media attention

Just in time for the "back to school" push, my new book "Prayers for my Public School" has received some local and national media attention. Nationally, an article about the book was picked up by the Associated Press and sent nationwide. So far, I've seen the article online in the newspapers in San Antonio, Texas and Bellview, Illinois.

Here is an example:

The book was listed among several new locally published books in a quarterly feature in the Springfield News-Leader on July 26, 2013. The book and its topic was also mentioned on KY3 news (morning show) on July 26. On July 31, the Republic Monitor newspaper is going to run a feature on the book and a "who knew" about the author (me).

I'm hoping this news coverage helps spread the word and gets more people engaged in the practice of praying for their public schools. It is a great habit to adopt since our public schools impact our children, our community and our future.

While many of these news stories have mentioned me as the author, I really want the focus of this effort to be on God. There is nothing magical about the words I have written for this book. Inspiring? I hope so. Encouraging? Probably. Unique? Certainly. Helpful? Yes, I've been told by others that these prayers can given them a daily reminder to be praying for their public school But magical? No.

Only God has the power to answer prayers but as Christians, we should be engaged in prayer every day (almost like breathing). In the process, prayer can also empower us to do great things and to become involved in a positive fashion.

Here is hoping that the idea of praying for our public schools is contagious.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


In Time for Back to School: New “Prayers for My Public School” Book Written by Resident of Republic, Mo

CONTACT: David Burton

REPUBLIC, Mo. – “Prayers for My Public School,” is a newly published book designed to help individuals develop a daily prayer habit for the public school in their community. The 58-page book is written by David L. Burton, a resident of Republic, Mo.

“This book contains daily prayers that can be used by anyone who is committed to praying for their public school,” said Burton. “There are 195 different prayers to use and the book also includes areas to allow the reader to write in their own prayers. I believe this book will be the most powerful when readers become actively engaged in prayer on a daily basis.”

Burton says the book is intended to be inspirational and challenging. The idea for the book began in August of 2011 after Burton attended the “Global Leadership Summit” hosted by Ridgecrest Baptist Church at Remington’s in Springfield, Mo.

“I learned new leadership ideas at that event, but I also heard how God took the little actions of individuals and used them in mighty ways. That got me to thinking about my local public school, the R-III School District in Republic,” said Burton.

As a result of that seminar, Burton started a Facebook group called, “Pray for the Republic School District” and committed to making daily posts. His goal was to encourage prayer for the public school in his hometown. Eventually, the Facebook page had over 600 followers who were reading and sharing the daily 6:30 a.m. prayer posts made by Burton during the school year.

“The community page was a public extension of what I had been doing for seven years with my own children. Every school day before dropping my children off at the school door we would say a prayer. I thought there might be a few like-minded individuals who would join with me in prayer,” said Burton.

At the urging of friends, Burton started collecting his prayers in 2012 (not just posting them online) to create this book. “Prayers for My Public School” contains daily prayers that can be used by anyone who is committed to praying for their public school.

“I ask God each day to be with our children and to guide their decision making. But I also pray for children’s teachers, the school administration, school staff and other students. That focus is reflected in this book,” said Burton. “Prayer changes things.”

The book can be ordered online now at or in digital and print formats. It will soon be available on other websites and at retailers and libraries.

Other books written by David L. Burton are: “A History of Rural Schools in Greene County, Mo.” and “Driving Tour of One-Room Schools in the Ozarks.” Both books are non-fiction and are also available in both print and digital formats at

Printed copies of the prayer book can also be ordered directly from David Burton by sending a check for $8.99 (includes book and $3 for shipping and handling) to 2311 E. Kentwood, Republic, Mo. 65738.

Prayers for my Public School
"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16
Authored by David L. Burton
List Price: $5.99
Size: 6" x 9"
58 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1489523808
ISBN-10: 1489523804
BISAC: Religion / Prayer


Error Elimination

My winning entry in the "flash horror" writing contest hosted by the Springfield-Greene County Library District. Story had to be 250 words or less.

"We can’t get your credit card to work. The computer says you are deceased,” said Farley.

"I suggest you correct it,” said Albert as he glared at the store clerk and leaned up over the counter to intimidate him.

“I'm afraid it's going to take a while,” said Farley.

 "Wrong again," Albert said clinching his fists. "It's going to take you five minutes."

 Farley had to tilt his head back to look Albert in the face. He stole a glance at the girl with Albert and again noticed the burn marks on her arms and her black eye. He cleared his throat. "We could use the quick method of error elimination."

"Yes, I'd advise you to use the quickest method you've got,” said Albert.

"If you'll follow me, sir," Farley said as he ushered Albert to a door marked Private.

He was gone a few minutes then came back with only Albert’s credit card.

"There you are Mrs. …

“Miss Wilson,” said the girl.

"Ah, Miss. Better. You won't need this again." She watched as Farley snipped the card in two with scissors. "Sad to say, this customer is deceased."

"That was the computer's mistake. Albert isn't dead,” said the girl.

"I assure you, our computer is not in error," Farley said solemnly.

She placed one hand over her mouth. Farley slid the bed sheets across the counter toward her and asked, “Would you accept these with our compliments?"

She extended her hand to shake Farley’s. "That would be lovely.”

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