Friday, July 26, 2013


Prayer book receives media attention

Just in time for the "back to school" push, my new book "Prayers for my Public School" has received some local and national media attention. Nationally, an article about the book was picked up by the Associated Press and sent nationwide. So far, I've seen the article online in the newspapers in San Antonio, Texas and Bellview, Illinois.

Here is an example:

The book was listed among several new locally published books in a quarterly feature in the Springfield News-Leader on July 26, 2013. The book and its topic was also mentioned on KY3 news (morning show) on July 26. On July 31, the Republic Monitor newspaper is going to run a feature on the book and a "who knew" about the author (me).

I'm hoping this news coverage helps spread the word and gets more people engaged in the practice of praying for their public schools. It is a great habit to adopt since our public schools impact our children, our community and our future.

While many of these news stories have mentioned me as the author, I really want the focus of this effort to be on God. There is nothing magical about the words I have written for this book. Inspiring? I hope so. Encouraging? Probably. Unique? Certainly. Helpful? Yes, I've been told by others that these prayers can given them a daily reminder to be praying for their public school But magical? No.

Only God has the power to answer prayers but as Christians, we should be engaged in prayer every day (almost like breathing). In the process, prayer can also empower us to do great things and to become involved in a positive fashion.

Here is hoping that the idea of praying for our public schools is contagious.
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