Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Is our democracy in decline?

Do a google search for "is our democracy in decline" and you get 15.9 million hits.

It is a topic of great discussion among bloggers and media types. Special interest groups seem to be chirping about the topic too. But what about the common American citizen? Do they think our democracy is in decline? If Americans do think it is in decline, they are not acting with any type of urgency about fixing the problem. Heck, voter turnout of 10% does not suggest to me a high interest in our democracy?

What can be done? I know this much, there is not a magic bullet or easy solution. I've had some calls from groups to come and speak about this issue and public issue forum available on the topic of revitalizing democracy. The funny thing is that everyone seems to want a speech that is 20 or 30 minutes long and comes with a solution.

I don't have a solution. Do you?

I'm guessing that the answer comes one person and one community at a time. Have you started a discussion about democracy in your community? If so, let me know about it.
The short answer is yes, our democracy is in decline. Why? Because of moral decay ... and not the kind that can be replaced with political correctness.

For example, I'm amazed at how many Americans and leaders are asleep at the wheel when it comes to the Iranian president's belief that he can speed up the arrival of the Islamic Messiah by violence (there is a new book coming out on this topic soon). All of Europe and the U.N. want to negotiate. Yikes! There is nothing to
negotiate folks.

We may not think we are at war with Islam but they sure think they are at war (jihad) with us crazy fun-loving westerners. The media is clueless in this regard. And continue to avoid the real implications of this war.

For example, the two Fox news reporters that were taken captive. When they were released the New York Times (AP and other outlets too) all ran stories about how they were released "unharmed." Heck, NYT made it sound like these Islamic captives were "good ole' boys." Not until the end of the stories, or from other sources, did we learn this one tiny detail,
the captives forced the reporters to denounce their faith and embrace
Islam or face death. They denounced their faith, embraced Islam and were set free.

Whether you are a Christian or a secularist, let's not be fooled by
political correctness into missing or even avoiding the real issues here and seeing what is really going on. You may not be at war with the religion of Islam but
they sure are at war with ours (note the words of the Koran as well as various current Islamic leaders).

I guess Europe and other leaders can't stand up for what is right
because they no longer have a moral compass that points them in the direction of what is right.

Let's pray that is not what continues to happen in America.
I've tried to have discussions on this topic but people are so divided. If you don't agree with them then forget it. There seems to be a continual struggle for power instead of a continual struggle to make America better. I think the news media contributes to this some. Talk shows like Oprah contribute to the problem and so do, frankly, many blogs.
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