Friday, July 26, 2013


Book is not about promoting prayer in schools ...

Just a reminder, this is the description for my latest book on Amazon entitled, "Prayers for my Public School." Seems to be some confusion regarding what the book is about.

Here is the official description"

This books does not promote prayer in public schools. Rather this book is intended to be a guide that promotes prayer for our public schools. The longest portion of this book contains daily prayers that can be used by anyone who is committed to praying for their public school. The prayers place an emphasis on the powerful practice of praying scripture. The text also includes areas that allow the reader to write in their own prayers. After all, prayer should be intensely personal. It is a person's chance to talk with God. This book will be the most powerful when readers become engaged in prayer on a daily basis. Being fully engaged involves listening to what God speaks to your heart during prayer times. Writing out prayers provides an opportunity to express what God is speaking to you in your own words.

Our public schools nationwide provide plenty of examples to fuel our worry. We see the headlines of school shootings, teachers who violate students, negative peer pressure, drugs and other influences in the school, and it worries us. This is especially the case when we kiss our children goodbye and send them in to a public school without us by their side. I ask God each day to be with our children and to guide their decision making, to protect their classmates, give their teachers the strength and wisdom needed to teach, and to guide the administration of our public school.

Will you make a daily commitment to pray for our public schools? I am fully convinced that God hears our prayers and that this book can help establish a habit of praying for your local public school. Better yet, purchase a copy of the book and share it with your child's teacher or principal and let them know you are praying for them this year.
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