Monday, September 25, 2006


What are others saying about impact of moral decline?

Here are a few of things others are saying about “approach one” to revitalizing democracy. Read over the ideas and then share your thoughts.

Public actions favored by Approach One

• Schools should integrate character education into the curriculum.

• Various measures should be taken to reinforce the message that marriage is not something easily entered into or quickly dissolved. Divorce laws should be tightened and premarital counseling should be readily available.

• Reward marriage and discourage childbirth outside of marriage by ending the “marriage penalty” in the tax code and taking other measures.

• Television networks should agree to a code of content that reinforces social responsibility rather than undermining it. The Federal Communications Commission should use its power to regulate use of the airways in the public interest by minimizing toxic messages and reinforcing socially responsible values.

• To underline the importance of public responsibility, public service should be required of all young people.

What others are saying about/against Approach One

• The sky is not falling. Americans are no less moral today than in the past. The erosion of public life has many causes.

• Most Americans don’t want to legislate morality. They reject black-and-white depictions of how people should behave, and they reject the view that America is morally bankrupt.

• Separation of church and state is a fundamental American principle, not to be abandoned lightly. Moreover, some of the values taught in religious institutions are incompatible with democratic life.

• The United States continues to be one of the most religiously observant countries in the world.

• The real source of our public troubles lies elsewhere. Among the root causes is the erosion of civic associations.

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What do you like, or dislike, about this stated position so far?
Moral decline is leading to the distruction of America. Look no further than the news media for example. Journalists completely disregard the importance of religion and either downplay its importance or make fun of Christians. Case in point, media elites continue to think we should negogiate with radical Islamic terrorists. You can't negogiate with someone whose declared purpose is to either kill you or convert you to Islam. The media downplays that because religion does not have that type of importance in their own life.

I don't know what the other approaches on this issue have to say but I think this one hits the nail on the head.
The government can't require public service. What does that teach? That the government requires things of us ... or that the government needs to tell us what to do? What is missing is moral values. Christianity teaches the importance of public ministry (helping others). That is what is needed.
Seems like most of the political parties are too busy pointing fingers to realize are democracy is failing us. That statement has nothing to do with the war ... and I'm not anti-Bush. But I am opposed to political leaders more focused on getting reelected than focused on good legislation. This goes for the Democrats too.
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