Thursday, August 08, 2013

Comments about my three new books are coming in on Facebook and by email. Here are two recent examples.

In reference to "A History of Rural Schools in Greene County, Mo.," Scott Jones wrote: "David, I ordered mine when I read about this on your FB page, it was delivered on Friday. I'm lovin' it! I'm passing it on to my grandmother (90), she is a Greene County native, and attended Center. If you do an update, let me know---we've got some pictures!"

In reference to "Prayers for my Public School," Alice B wrote: "David, I'm so glad you put this in book form. I've followed the Facebook page for two years and it has been such a blessing. Having this in book form makes it easier to use during my Bible study and perhaps even share with others. This new book is a blessing and it looks fantastic!"

Thanks for the kind words. Keep spreading the word about the books.
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