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Books Focused on History of One-Room Schools in the Ozarks are Now Available Online

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Two books focused on one-room schools in Missouri -- “A History of the Rural Schools in Greene County, Mo.” and “Driving Tour of One-Room Schools in the Ozarks” -- are now available for purchase online. Both written by David L. Burton and can be purchased from or in either printed and digital formats.

For nearly 10 years, the only way to get a copy of these books had been to visit the Greene County Extension Center in Springfield, Mo.


Over 1,000 copies of the book about rural schools in Greene County been sold since its first release in 2000. Since 2002, proceeds from the sale of this book have gone to the Greene County Extension Center.

"The one-room school is the foundation of public education and a reflection of Missouri's spirit and character. These books capture that spirit, details the rise and fall of one-room schools in this county, and encourages this type of historical community development elsewhere," said Burton.

This book includes a catalog listing of every one-room school in the county with special attention given to the buildings that are still standing.


With the book “Driving Tour of One-Room Schools in the Ozarks,” local history enthusiasts can take a 200- mile, six-hour driving tour and see most of the remaining one-room rural schools houses in Greene County. The self-guided driving tour provides detailed directions as well as a photo of each school and basic information about the structure.

This book also includes addresses and information on 21 other one-room schools located in the Ozarks outside of Greene County.

“I get inquiries from folks wanting to see some of the rural schools in this county,” said Burton. “This driving tour is the easiest way for folks to get to see most of the schools. The schools on the tour are in a variety of conditions. Some remain in use as community centers. Others have been converted into homes, barns and even businesses.


“A History of Rural Schools in Greene County, Mo” (priced at $15.99) and “Driving Tour of One-Room Schools in the Ozarks,” (priced at $8.99) are written by David L. Burton and are available at and

Burton is also available for public speaking on the topic of one-room schools in the Ozarks. Contact him at the Greene County Extension Center at 417-881-8909. There is a speaking fee of $35 payable to Greene County Extension.

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