Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Limited Time Offer

I've been working on some stories and poems for entry in the annual Springfield Writer's Guild contest. I've got four stories ready to go and two poems. My children are readers of my final content and I appreciate their input, even though they didn't like three of my four short stories!

One writing they did like was my poem, "Limited Time Offer." It is eight stanzas (I'm only going to share two here today) and it was inspired by a single statement made during a church service at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo. about six months ago. I wrote it down at the time and thought "that would make a great song."

Well, I'm not a song writer -- and probably not much of a poet either -- but here is what I've done with it so far. I'd like to know what you think of it.

Limited Time Offer

A line of people wrapped around the store.
A black Friday sell off of goodies galore.
The doors opened and people rushed in
Racing around with money to spend.
This seasonal chance to fill coffers
Really is a limited time offer.

Every human on this Earth
Can accept God’s new birth.
But unlike Black Friday deals,
Limited engagements and QVC appeals,
Rejecting this offer will only bring sorrow
Since no one has the guarantee of a tomorrow.

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