Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I Am From

A poem I worked on about a year ago following the now famous "where I'm from" formula for personal poems. Thought I'd share it.

by David L. Burton

I am from rugged gardeners and canners,
Frugal land rich, cash poor farmers,
Close-knit Scotch-Irish and British immigrant families
Quiet readers, English teachers, insurance adjusters and auto mechanics.

I am from the rocky fields and rolling hills of the Ozarks
Shallow clear rivers with Indian names and catfish ponds,
Blonde brick ranch houses, and white clap-board bungalows,
Winding country roads and limestone glades that jut out of fescue fields

I am from habits formed during the good ole days,
in cramped one-room schools, amid fears of another depression,
in a mostly-white region known for high school sports teams
bluegrass music, thousands of churches and Silver Dollar City.

I am from stubborn, independent, Christian, hardworking good folk
Fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes with white gravy,
apple pie a la mode, black coffee, homegrown mint and
peanut butter chocolate chip cookies made by the knotted hands of my grandma.

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