Saturday, March 01, 2014


Still working on my collection of Ash Grove short stories

I hope by the middle of this summer that I am able to release my book, "Stories from the Ash Grove." There has just been a lot going on so this project has been moved to the bottom of the list. But, I'm looking forward to taking a little writing retreat soon (gift from my wife) to work on some story updates.

So far, the short stories I'm reworking and plan to include in my book are as follows:

I've got three novels outlined as well and two of those will draw heavily from the stories and experiences that influenced me in the Ash Grove area.

James Joyce once wrote, "If you have had a childhood you have experienced enough to be able to write stories for the rest of your life." I never realized the truth in what Joyce wrote until I began to gather stories for this book. Every short story in this book was inspired by a person, place or event during my childhood. That is evident in the name I chose for this book since I grew up in Ash Grove, Mo.
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