Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Living on Everyday Prayers: David Burton ‘88

By Sarah Lee
Drury University Alumni Magazine

For some people, making a “life plan” is a no brainer. Some people know exactly what they want to do with their lives so they make plans in order to achieve their goals. But what about the rest of us who don’t know what the future holds? What about those who take it day by day until they can find a true calling? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you are not alone.

“I don’t make too many concrete plans,” David Burton, explains, “Some folks have a life-long calling, and I’d like to think that my calling is just day to day.” Burton is a civic communication specialist for University of Missouri Extension. He graduated from Drury in 1988 with a degree in political science and communication/journalism, and then again in 2001 for his master’s degree in communication. He is currently the author of three books and two online blogs. In his latest book, “Prayers for My Public School,” Burton provides readers with a chance to think about prayer on a day to day basis.

“It’s a Facebook page in print,” Burton explains when asked to describe the book, “I started a page back in 2010 called, ‘Pray for the Republic School District,’ and I just made a commitment to post a prayer on the page each day. After doing that for several years, my wife said that I should write it down and compile it into a book. The meat of the book consists of prayers broken up by day. The Facebook page is still going. I’m just trying to get everyone in the habit of praying every day.”

For David, prayer is an important practice that he believes will provide guidance and encouragement. He believes that God can take small actions – such as praying on a daily basis – and help them to make a big impact. 

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